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ERIC BENET : Come As You Are lyrics

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ERIC BENET lyrics : "Come As You Are"

Here in my mind
Replaying every line
Remembering all of the love we made

You told me only yesterday
Nothing could take your love away

Here in this room so many traces of you
So many nights lying by your side
Sleeping with secrets deep inside

Secrets your eyes could not deny

[Chorus 1:]

Come as you are
Lay with me

Beautiful lies once more tell me
With all the love in my heart
I'll set you free

Now that your eyes have said good-bye

I found joy so pure

My heart secure
With the love the two of us would share
And though it all seems so unfair

No one's to blame when love's not there
My whole life has changed
Feels like I'll surely go insane

'Cause my world revolved 'round
a love that never was
Before I say good-bye to love

Just hold me until the morning comes

[Chorus 2:]

Come as you are stay with me
Kiss me once more before you leave

With all the pain in my heart
I'll set you free
Now that your eyes have said good-bye

Well I know it's not easy
Finding words to let me know

But the pain of make believing
is much more than just letting go

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]

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