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Eraserheads lyrics : "Lightyears"

Big deeper north of nowhere
Outside the room
Inside my mind

I, look forward to tomorrow
But can I leave yesterday behind
How it feels so strange

To have grown and change
Now it's not the same

Cause time slips and slides
Into another place and try
As we might to understand each other

Doesn't really matter where you are
It always seems so far
Coz you're lightyears away

You're lightyears away
From me

Little deeper south of somewhere
It looks much closer than it really is
I held it in my hands

But you're forever out of reach
Far as the eye can see
Nothing is meant to be

Doesn't mean much to me

But oh, if I only had a rocket ship to fly

I'd be right there in a minute
But it doesn't really matter where you are
However near is still so far

It's like you're light years away
You're light years away from me

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