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Eraserheads lyrics : "Gatekeeper"

Gatekeeper, gatekeeper
Please let us in with her

I have been here
When this town was born

Secrets I own
To keep I have sworn
If you have none

Then go flee away
Bring me new tidings
And see me some other day

Hid my will, hid my will

Then they return
So soon from their quest
Lost boys of town

Came back with a guest
She was no druid
But if you incite

They have some stories to add
To bobo's delight

Tales so unordinary
Aliens look strange
We'll talk about yuletide

Graft and corruptions
Nuclear gifts exchange
Talk about crime, slime on the great vine

Now I am inclined to let you
Let you in with her
Coz I'm the gatekeeper

Gatekeeper, gatekeeper
You may come in with her


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