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Epik High : Fan lyrics

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Epik High lyrics : "Fan"

*Oh! (Even if I can't have you)
Even if it's only in my mind
(Even if I can't touch you)

Even if this dream will never come true
(Even if I can't say it)
Even if I hide far away

(You know I do)
I love you
(Even if you don't know who I am...)

Verse 1- Tablo

Oh, baby don't you know? You don't even know my name. My heart flutters as I look at you through the night. Oh so beautiful, the photo of you that I hold in my hands. My psychotic whispers of love have been swept away in the world's cheerful praise of you. You probably can't hear it, right? Even if I die, it won't work out, right? Of course, even in my next life, you probably won't know me then either. I can't turn back now because I want you too much. I clutch my pillows tightly as I yearn for your kiss tonight.

Verse 1- Mithra

Does today mark our first meeting? You always ask that sort of question. I'll try to converse with your fleeting presence again today. It is always the same, but I'll be shaking again as I greet you. Even if the whole world stops listening to me, you'll be there to hear me out. I want you to shake my hardening form as I watch you get farther away from me. Far away, far away, you become a speck in the distance. Now from where can I see you again?


Verse 2- Mithra

I wonder why you're not smiling today? I hope it was nothing serious. I can't bear to look at your grief stricken face, I'd rather it was me who was in pain. But the fact that I can't do that is such a pity. I want you to greet me happily for once. Ask me how I've been and then embrace me as I try to answer you. You, whom I can't have, feel, nor embrace...I'll be meeting you again in my dreams tonight.

Verse 2- Tablo

Even if it's just my dreams and people tell me that it won't work or laugh at my love... Even if people tell me that I'm insane and try to erase my world... You are mine, so why do I keep losing you to all those undeserving people? No, I can never do it, I'm going to make you look at only me from now on. I'll give you everything and when you kiss me, I'll give you the world. I will trap you inside my cold, dark chest so you can't escape from me. [ENG] You are my star, I'm your number one fan. Baby please, take my hand.


[ENG] Boys and girls who have fallen in psychotic love say oh, oh oh!
[ENG] Boys and girls who have fallen in idiotic love say oh, oh, oh!
Boys and girls who have fallen in hopeless love say oh, oh , oh!

Boys and girls who have fallen in love like mine say oh, oh, oh!

Even if you don't know who I am...

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