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ENVOI : Ghost lyrics

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ENVOI lyrics : "Ghost"

I've never slept so sound, so silent
With images of broken dreams and broken things
All I ask of you now

Is please do not forget me
Please do not regret me
I never meant to leave

Going back to the beginning
I never thought I'd make it out alive

Work harder, work harder
They told me
My father, my father

Would he be proud of me?


If you could see me now
You would take back all the things that you never said to me
And how I tried to make you love me

But how can you love a ghost, love a ghost of what was meant to be
You'll never know,
how much I loathe you

Keeping all my hopes within me
I never thought I'd be forced to tell a lie

Live longer, live longer
They told me
My father, my father

Would he be proud of me.


Keep me in your mind
Think of all the wasted time

Where were you?
I'm waiting, still waiting

Keep me in your mind


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