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ENTOMBED lyrics : "Through The Collonades"

The awakening of the gods
the rising of the souls
here I lie tied to my bed

awaiting the coming of ghouls

I close my eyes as if to die

entering again
the labyrinths of deep within
beyond where conscious ends

Hellish terrors risen
in the mountains of unknown

below the skies of I
sleeps a ruler in his throne

Beneath the collonades of fear
deep below his halls
in the endless realms of I

inside the entombed vaults

The insane watching eye

staring through my bones
shreds the soul out of my skin
and leaves me naked and alone

[Leads: Cederlund, Hellid]

Although my dreams have ended
as I wished in weakened thought
beyond me night is total

and through the collonades I walk

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