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ENTOMBED lyrics : "Seeing Red"

I'm seeing red
It helps me see things straight
I'm doing everything

For the purpose of improvement
Don't ask me why
Cuz it don't faze me one iota

I'm the alpha and omega
The beginning and the end

It's just the warm up for the work ahead
Food for my mind, emotionally seared
Beckons as big as an atomic-bomb

Wipe off my cosmetic tears
I'm seeing red

I open my eyes
It roots me to the spot
So young at heart

Independant in thought and mind
Test my nerves
I'm doing this for kicks

And it gives me everything
That is here for me to find

Don't ask me when I began to hate
Cuz I don't recall a time I didn't
Am I the only one of my kind?


And who is not a parasite?

Can you name me just one?
I see your eyes and I know for a fact
I'm not your only son

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