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ENTOMBED lyrics : "Children Of The Underworld"

We rise from the ashes we burn
With a grin on our face we return

We walk among the ones
The mortals can't see
When the sun goes up

No more we'll be
Soulless we hide in the shadows
Lifeless we hide from the sun

We are the children of the underworld
And we are gone

We stalk the earth we are undead
By the fullmoon's curse we are possessed

Doomed to eternity
We suffer we cry
Bleeding endless floods

When we conquer your lives
With blood our thirst has been stilled
With flesh our stomachs are filled

We are children of the underworld
And we kill

We repent nothing
We cheat and we lie
We manipulate your soul

We bleed and you die
Fearless we walk among demons
Godless we take your last breath

We are children of the underworld
And we're undead

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