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ENTOMBED lyrics : "Blessed Be"

[Leads: Cederlund]

Step inside yourself and emerge

enter a realm of worlds
there is more behind more to find
you're living through eyes so blind

embedded in hollowness
the future lies marked out before your feet
don't break the circle play your part

remain silent in your seat

Frustration may be all you feel

all you have inside but remember thy
existence nothing but what you make it
virtual reality or merely fake it

Be a shadow in the dark
Erased and blanked you'll fall apart

be among be nothing else
blessed be thee who lost yourself

Come walk the footsteps of lost generations
take a dive into the source of all lies
let it's water flow your system

come see the paradise

Life's the book of blood unforeseen

is it's day try to get inside not through
seize it as it opens up before you

[Leads: Cederlund, Hellid, Cederlund, Hellid]

I'll show you heaven take you

where you've never been
you'll be a man before mind in a land before sin
you must pretend that you are everything

that you're not
look down upon what you've been
and give away all you've got

No mistakes are ever made
predestined you must let all instincts fade

entrapment based within thee
but you will always blessed be

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