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Enter Shikari lyrics : "Stalemate"

Previous wars make billionaires out of millionaires,
Todays wars make trilionaires out of billionaires
Tomorrows wars will fuel generations of hate, generations of hate

I'm losing my grip on reality
I can not simply agree that we are civilised
Acting like this earth is infinite, it's a chessboard of lies

That will generate, stalemate.
It will generate stalemate

So yes I've, gone to the hills again
So yes I've, gone away

Money is made when bombs are dropping in afghanistan
And when phosphorous falls in palestine.
Hauling weapons out of reprobates.

Harming anyone who wants a taste, of disgrace.
Who wants a taste, of disgrace.

So yes I've, gone to the hills again.
So yes I've, gone away. [x2]


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