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ENSLAVED lyrics : "Fenris"

Forget all laws, all order and peace
Chaos is everything; no time or place
Now when all light and life ends,

When the wind now is killing,
The chain has broken... #

The time has come
As the Norns predicted
Nothing lasts forever

The Battle at Vigrid shall come
There is no brother
There is no strong bounds

The bound anger is loose
Inner coldness is free
A river of foam

Has dried up
The Power of the Wolf, the obscure hate
No longer sees a time

Angrboda beared
Her name justly
With Lauvous son she breeded

Dread, hate and death
A cry of warning in the dark
The mountain's roots, bear tendons

Woman heard, the sound of catsteps
Breath from the fish, spit from the bird
Tamed forces from a forgotten time

Has held Our Wolf in chains
But not forever!
Fenris is loose

Now our wisdom
Is swallowed by ancient hate
The nine steps are fulfilled

A new road is laid

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