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ENSIFERUM : raised by the sword lyrics

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ENSIFERUM lyrics : "raised by the sword"

Oh, who is raised by the sword can't be beaten
Who is toughened by the fire can't be burned
Awaited by immortality

Are the ones sacrificing their lives
To blood, to victory, to the truth

As ye sow, as shall ye reap
We will turn your fields into death shining
Our blades smash all down

Guidance of cold winds
We complete the ancient rule
Each of us was created to kill

Hail the wisest ones
You have walked the severe and harsh path

To the almighty crown
Soon the lost riddles will be solved
Once and for all

As the ageless earth praises your sword

Oh, raise the wind
Oh, open up earth

Oh, wild waters flood
And flames burn the ruins they own
Burn all and everything they own

Now let your prayers fade
The weak ones will meet their gruesome fate

Loyal minds will not break
The bold people of war
Have raised to get their victory

You depend on our mercy

Who is raised by the sword can t be beaten

Who is toughened by the fire can t be burned
Await the final challenges
Our everlasting loyalty

Will never break
The bold people of war
Have raised their swords

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