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ENSIFERUM : Burning Leaves lyrics

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ENSIFERUM lyrics : "Burning Leaves"

Passing aeons
Everlasting Fight against the Evil
Their army grows on and on

With the darkening horizon

I'm not afraid, let them come

I will never retreat
I will stand and hold my ground
Protect the Ancient Tree

The defense is doomed to fall
With the world I used to know

-Burning leaves
Turn to ash before my eyes

Crushed my dreams
Long gone
-Burning leaves

Dead branches reach to the sky
The flame within me
Is gone

On the light of the last dying star
Serpents crawl closer

All five branches, cursed from the start
And roots are torn to pieces

Right before my dying breath
I lay my eyes to the sky
As an eagle spreads its wings for the last time

Leaving me, the oak, the grove, to die

>Lieko enaa maan ainuttakaan joka muistaa

lehdon tuon kauniin kaukaisen,
jonne vie tie jokainen
kun kuolee vartija viineimen, keskella liekkien

ikuinen puu ja maailma ihmisten
ninn lppuu aikamme

>(translation Finnish-->English):
>I wonder if any longer someone walks
the Earth who recalls

That fair Grove afar, where all paths meet
As the last of the guardians falls, ablaze the
Eternal Tree and Domain of Man

Thus ends Our time

[editors note]; the previous editor did one of the worst job posting song lyrics i have ever seen. As a big fan of Ensiferum I can say for certain these are the correct lyrics. Secondly as you can see it was not finish jibberish if you understood the song you would see that it amazing.

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