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Engelbert Humperdinck : Sweet Lady Jane lyrics

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Engelbert Humperdinck lyrics : "Sweet Lady Jane"

Tonight we`re listening to the sweetest song
Tonight the melodies go on and on
We`ll dream of love and the days gone by

Then we sail to dawn
And the lights of love will feel the sky

Nobody loves you like I do - sweet lady Jane
Nobody feels the way I do - may I explain
I`ll jump a train - I`ll steal an airplane

To be with you
I`ll fight a samuraj if he made you cry

Am I getting through ?

Tonight, I watched the people standing still

Tonight, it`s almost like I want them there
I don`t mind a bit
You`re a sight to see

Just as long as I know the lady will be going home with

Nobody loves you quite the same
Nobody loves you more, my lady Jane

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