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EN VOGUE : Too Gone, Too Long lyrics

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EN VOGUE lyrics : "Too Gone, Too Long"

[Verse 1:]
Did I hear you say that
You want another chance

You need another try
You're ready to reclaim your prize
So you want my love back

Why'd you let it slip away
Why'd you ever let me go
You're change of heart has come too late

Well the door is locked you can't get in
The game has changed you've been

Too gone, too long baby
To ever get back again

In my heart
Too gone, too long baby
You're too many tears too late

To ever get back to get back
In my arms
Been gone too gone too long

[Verse 2:]
Didn't you hear me say that

You'd be a fool to leave
You'd regret the road you chose
You'd come running right back to me

You had such a good love sugar
You never found in no one else
But what I knew all the time

You had to find out for yourself
But now you'll never know
That love again

You're on your own



Did you really think I'd take you back
Let you back in my life
Oh baby just like that

Someone new is loving me
Loving you is what used to be
Baby you're too late to win my heart again

[Chorus with adlibs]

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