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EN VOGUE : Those Dogs lyrics

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EN VOGUE lyrics : "Those Dogs"

(feat. Eklypse)

I'm not much into dogs

And they're not into me
That's my history
I can't change it now

Cuz those dogs are still on the prowl


Dogs are puppies that grow up wild
And they don't do what you want them to
Treat you nice just to get a prize

And once they get it
Then they're through with you

Get your digits to call you back
You'll never hear from him again, that's whack
He tells you you're the only one that's phat

Then hits your friend up behind your back

[Repeat 1]

He asked you out to see a show
And lost his wallet, how? He doesn't know

He asked you if you'd pay the bill
He'll pay you back, oh yeah, I bet he will

I bet he will
I bet he won't
He'll probably use it for a bag of smoke

A bag of smoke
You know the kind
That makes you tipsey like a bottle of wine

They like to bite
They like to fight

They like to howl at every girl in sight
They like to beg
They like to whine

They like to smell at every stray behind

A stray behind

You know the kind
They're big and round and they're easy to find
Easy to find

They are for dogs
As for a dog's life, it's a world of fun

I ain't no dog, you know I ain't no dog
How you gon' come at me like that

You know me better than that
Don't try to come and say men are dogs
Without saying that you all dogs too

The reflection of a man is the woman, it's true
And I'm here to let you know about a boo
Who tried to give her everything

Which really doesn't seem quite enough
That's why some of us give up so easy
Relationships gettin' too tough

All of a sudden there goes your friend
Flossin' around like she's sexy
What you don't know is that she'll let me

If she get a chance to get in my pants
Once or twice for her it's nice
She be schemin' from the start

Waiting for us to fall apart
I leave a little stuff inside my car

[Repeat 1]


Now a dog's a dog, that's just gon' be
In a group, in a single, or in different breeds
Past my fast life, perpetrating the front

Schemin' on opposite sex for what you want
Whoo, whoo, when you hear 'em callin'
Back up wit' the dog who ballin'
Take advice from the wise
When you see him comin'

It's when you slip up, we'll all be hummin'
Cuz the grave's cold and the ground's wet
Tryin' to trick love on the cost of bets
See they're !@$# in every state
And only you can seal your fate

You twist and turn in the burnin' wreck
I leave a memory that he'll never forget
That's why there was a need to talk about dogs
To give an example to all y'al

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