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EN VOGUE : This Is Your Life lyrics

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EN VOGUE lyrics : "This Is Your Life"

I Lived Part Of My Life
Being Scared Of My Dreams
Everytime Someone Asks

What I'm Shooting For In Life
I Would Hide My True Feelings
And When I Spoke Up To My Friends

They Made Fun Of My Dreams
So When Times Got Too Rough
I Would Think Back On One Thing

My Mama Would Say To Me

[Chorus:] This Is Your Life, Live It Your Own Way

Forces Of Evil Struck Back And Forth
Throughout My Younger Days,

Because I Would Listen
And Care What Other People Would Say
Like A Four Letter Word

I Ignored The Whole World
And Built My Own Tiny World With Respect
But It Took Time To Relate

What My Momma Would Say Time After Time Again, She Said:

[Chorus x2]

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