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EN VOGUE : Stop lyrics

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EN VOGUE lyrics : "Stop"

My clothes, my heart, my keys
You actin' up, so baby please
Step outta my way, no

I think it's time to let it all go

Let go of my arm, don't

You made your bag of coffee
'Cause you were wrong
And I don't want to talk no more

Move from out in front of the door


Stop, and take the time to think of how you brought this on
Stop, don't disillusion yourself, I thought we were grown
Stop, it's my conclusion that I'm walking out alone

Stop, our love don't have home, no more

You can't explain, so don't even try

'Cause I'm no longer letting your %#@! slide
Why you trying to act like you're so hurt
You won't get sympathy from me

'Cause for you, I've got no words

Stop with your begging and pleading

When you sexed her up, you shoulda been thinking
And now there's nothing that can take it back
I was always down for you, but now it's a wrap


I've heard these lies a thousand times
Boy I'm tired of your excuses and the same ol' lines
Talking 'bout you "love me", you "need me", "do anything for me"

Well it's too late for that now
'Cause I'm about to bounce


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