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EN VOGUE : Part Of Me lyrics

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EN VOGUE lyrics : "Part Of Me"

Rain, such a simple thang
Every drop, a different stop
But they all come from the same

God is the cloud
And we are the rain
That's why I sometimes feel

That somehow we are the same

Whenever I lay my head to sleep

There's a strong thought that keeps haunting my mind
Careless whispers of a nation
That somehow was caught trapped in the dark

And nowhere to go
I know my thoughts are tellin' me

Gotta be a part of me
I can feel it

Gotta be a part of me
In my heart, in my soul
Gotta be a part of me

The world must be callin' me
And my world comes from within

Life has no guarantees
That you'll keep what you have
Even though you're blessed with then

That's why I'm feeling
Some fear for the world
With all the grief and misery

How much real time is there
The sooner I take more responsibilities
I can truly say

I am grateful for my world
The irony of tryin' to do the right thing
Is whatever you do, some will undo

And sometimes destroy
And there's someone still left in darkness
And you say


[bridge: spoken]
The world is what we make it
What we see today

Are the results of the mistakes they made yesterday
And what we see tomorrow
Will be the results of what we do today

It's a shame that peace and respect
Has been replaced with money and power
The children, they are the futures

So teach them how to love themselves
And they will love others
Don't you see, love - that's the key

[chorus: out]

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