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EN VOGUE : Losin My Mind lyrics

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EN VOGUE lyrics : "Losin My Mind"

[Verse 1:]
Boy you got me nauseous
I just eat and eat

Hair so messy
In fact its pulled in a weave
Phone keeps oh ringin' but it's not you

So i don't pick it up
Friends told me but it dont help
Cause boy you got me stuck

Why did you mess it up

Cause i wont be learnin'
My girls
try to tell me

But i had to learn the hard way
Now i'm so confused
What am i to do

I'm caught up in this madness
Something please take me away

I'm losing sleep, and i cant eat
Can't even think

I'm losin' my mind
I hate your guts, love you so much
I'm crackin' up

I'm losin' my mind

[Verse 2:]

Never would of thought that
We would be here
Promises to me

Said that you were different
And i bought it
Should of kept a reciept


This aint me

Cant eat cant sleep
Cause so many are losing their mind
Cause in my robe

Our love is no joke
This aint no joke
I'm losin' my mind


[verse 3:]
See my boss said your crazy

My girls had to tell me
You don't deserve me
Got me going crazy

What am i to do
I'm lost without you boy

[Chorus out]

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