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EN VOGUE : Just Can't Stay Away lyrics

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EN VOGUE lyrics : "Just Can't Stay Away"

Won't you come close to me now
Won't you come close to me now

Here i am baby
Right back in your arms
What is it 'bout your love

That draws me to you
And though this is not the first time, baby
I ever wanted to get away, no

Oh but the magic of your love
Just would not let me stray

So i find that i just can't
Stay away from you baby, you yea
You see, i just can't stay away from you

Let me tell ya
I've been through a lot of changes

See, my mama scorn me
Oh yes she did
And my closest friends, oh lord

You know they warned me
They said you're no good for me
But i just ignored it

Yes i did
Cause i didn't have time
No time, no time, no time

To sit around and decide what to do
When someone controls your mind
There's not much you can do

So you see that's why
I can't stay away

I don't wanna, from you

It's not in my power to leave you

You control the soul in me

I can't stay away

You've been so good to me
I just love that man
Just can't, don't want to, i can't no way

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