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EN VOGUE : Hold On lyrics

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EN VOGUE lyrics : "Hold On"

When I had you
I treated you bad

Wrong my dear
But since, since you went away
Don't you know I sit around

With my head hanging down
And I wonder who's loving you

Oooh, my first mistake was
I wanted too much time
I had to have him morning, noon, and night

If I would of known then
The things that I know now
I might not have lost the time I complain about

Don't waste your time

Fighting blind minded thoughts of dispair
Hold on to your love
You gotta hold on

Hold on to your love
Ooh, ooh, baby hold on
Hold on to your love

You gotta hold on
Hold on to your love

The art of playing games now
Is not the hearts you break
It's bound to good love you make

When it's heart's on fire
Give him love evryday
Remember he needs space

Be patient and he'll give his heart to you


Trust and honesty too
Must be the golden rule

You'll feel the strength of passion in your soul
Burn so deeply within
Ooh, the magic that you share

So sacrifice and show how much you care


[ad lib:]
Keep the ties

Hang on tight
And don't let go
No, no, no, no

If you need him
Just keep on
Just keep on hanging on

Little trust, honesty, golden rules
Feel the strength of passion in your soul
It's burning so deep

Have faith
Just keep the fire burning at home
Hey yea

He'll come home to you
He'll be there for you
He'll want to have you


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