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EN VOGUE : Hip Hop Lover lyrics

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EN VOGUE lyrics : "Hip Hop Lover"

Hip hop, do it 'til you drop
Don't stop - don't you ever stop

This is it and you know
I'm comin' free style
To the club to see en vogue

I'll run a country mile
Dope hat combat boots I'm comin'
Cutie pies

Yo I know en vogue will love me
'cause I'm too fly
I'll do my jerkin' dance make 'em

Stare yo give a laugh
Ask to dance they look me over
And say oh no we'll pass

But that's ok I'll just dance
And do my own thang
But when the night is over

They'll remember wayne wayne


Me and my girlfriends broke down to the club
The minute we stepped in

We were being asked to the dance floor
Before I got his name
He was hittin' on me strong

But I knew from the conversation
He was a little bit too young

Brown leather combat sales tag on his hat
He wore his clothes inside-out (yo mental tip - oh)

He had a funky step and I thought he was so cute
But as far as hooking up with him
He had to come harder than that, yeah


When the set was over
We headed out to the car
He politely asked to walk me out

He's playng good so far
The minute I blinked my eyes
He snuck in a little kiss

So I swung out quick to smack him one
But I'm glad I missed


The beat may drop but not like all the others

[Chorus x2]

Hip hop do it 'til you drop
Don't stop don't you ever stop
(do it to me baby)

Hip hop do it 'til you drop
Don't stop don't you ever stop

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