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EN VOGUE : Ez-A-Lee lyrics

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EN VOGUE lyrics : "Ez-A-Lee"

You got the game all wrong
Thought I was gone on you
I ain't gone front

Yeah, you was gangsta
But somewhere you lost your edge
Thought you was thoroughbred

But you ain't what you said
These days you ain't the same, so

Ez-a-lee you go
Quick as you came

I'm not the one
That you can bring drama too

Ez-a-lee you're free
Bye-bye baby
Go ahead and leave

'Cause I don't see no future with you baby

All my love I take it back

When they don't know how to act
When they get cute gift wrap a boot and
Send it Fed-Ex to be mine

And then I was that queen
That made their everything
But things ain't what it seem

Case you forgot, I put you on my team now


The house, the cars that was all me
The clothes, the jewels, that was all me

But now it's me
Please check it in before you leave
You used to be the one I need

Used to believe
But I could see your trifling $$# would mess up


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