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Emmylou Harris lyrics : "Tulsa Queen"

I heard the train
In the Tulsa night
Calling out my name

Looking for a fight
She's come a long, long way
Got a longer way to go

So tell me how a train from Tulsa
Has got a right to know

She sings a song
So sad and high
And the Tulsa Queen

Don't ever lie
And she don't care where she goes
Don't care where she's been

And the Tulsa Queen ain't crying
'Cause I won't see you again

And I want to ride
Like a Tulsa Queen
Calling out to you

As she calls to me
As far away from Tulsa
As these ten wheels can be

Lately I speak
Your name too loud

Each time it comes up
In a crowd
And I know it when I do

The Tulsa Queen and you
Are gone...

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa