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Emmylou Harris lyrics : "Cup Of Kindness"

You gave yourself up to the mystery
And sailed the oceans looking for
The secret of the key

To unlock a truth that you may never find
For it was m a cup of kindness all the time

You feel the thirst
But none can make you drink
The answer's waiting for you here but

It's not what you think
It won't steal your soul or leave you blind
It was just a cup of kindness all the time

And when Mother Mary finally comes to cal
She could pass right thru your heart

And leave no trace at all
While you were reaching for
The sacred and divine

She was standing right beside you
All the time

And the emptiness
You can't seem to fill
Beauty fades and pleasures cannot

Take away the chili
And the glamour lures you down into a lie
O but the cup of kindness

Never will run dry

You hear the vandals

Howlin' down your walls
And arm yourself against the ones
Who want to see you fall

Till some Holy Grail reveals
The grand design
Well it was in a cup of kindness

All the time

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