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Emmylou Harris lyrics : "Ballad Of Sally Rose"

Her mama picked him up in south Minnesota
He promised her the world but they never got that far
For he was last seen in that '59 DeSota

When Sally was born in the black hills of Dakota

She was washed in the blood of the dying Sioux nation

Raised with a proud but a wandering heart
And she knew that her roots were in the old reservation
But she had stars in her eyes and graeter expectations

No rings on her fingers no bells on het toes
With bugs on her headlights

And runs in her hose
Through the valley of the shadow of Roosevelt's nose
Adios, South Dakota, adios Sally Rose

They've got a national monument carved out of stone
On the side of a mountain where her forefathers roamed

Playing cowboys and Indians right under the nose
Of Theodore Roosevelt and the sweet Sally Rose

So she left Rapid City in the blue moonlight hour
With her eye on the highway and her foot on the floor
And turnin' the dial she was pulled by the power

Of the word coming out of that broadcasting tower

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