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EMMY ROSSUM : Falling lyrics

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EMMY ROSSUM lyrics : "Falling"


What's comming over me

I've no controll
I hear a voice saying get a hold
Of yourself

You seem like someonr else
I don't know
Where have my senses gone

I've lost my way
With every touch you intoxicate
Haul me in

Stop making my head spin
I'm losing it
Upside down

My feet can't find find the ground
My mixed up minds a blurr
I trip on every word...


Cause' I'm fallin fallin fast
Like I always do
Tell me it wont pass

I've got everythin' to lose
Stop me
Before I go too far

Go on go on
Keep me fallin'


You are everywhere inside my head

And I'm all tangled up in your web
So surreal
But I like how it feels

In this revery
Just a lookin
I'm not thinking straight

I'm addicted
I don't want to wait
I'm letting go

Of everything that I know
I'm losin' it
Up and down

I've spireled shockwaves now
Falling heels over head
Lost in this maze again

(CHORUS) but add after next line

Hold my tounge
Before I say too much
Please don't run

I need to know because
I'm gonna let go
Come on catch me

Go on go on
Keep me fallin'



For you
Catch me I'm falling

Falling for you


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