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Emmure lyrics : "Tales From The Burg"

I'll never forget waking up in Baltimore
My palms full of sweat
Clearly you've had your revenge

For the night I spit right in your face
You will never forget and I will never forget
Ever waking moment I spend wishing you were dead

Just $#&@ing die
It must of been his brand new hand pentagram
Or the fact that he $#&@s

Iron City girls, no condom, on the rag
Just so you know
The next time your sucking dick

Your tasting the blood of a Pirates fan
Tell me how much lower can you go in life?
You $#&@ing (*##$

I'm so over it
I'm $#&@ing over it
I'm not over it

I'm never over it
What a perfect romance, a plague on both your houses

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