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Emmanuel Hudson lyrics : "She Ratchet"

Omg what do she have on. Her lace front is all wrong (cause she ratchet)
Give me the phone i'm finna take this heffa picture (she ratchet)

Got it i'm bouta put this girl on twitter (cause she ratchet)
Cause i ain't got time for this i'm too grown (see you ratchet)
Boy bye not with them shoes on (she ratchet)

Oo i just wanna punch ha in her face (ooh she ratchet)
I can't stand her ooo she too faced (she ratchet)

Girl let me tell you what i got my mister mister, (girll what) a baby boy and it came with a sister
girl yes i'm pregnant but i still hit the club i'm in the middle of the floor no shoe WESSS UUUPPP
i had to get cute today, apple bottom jeans fur boots today

i had to keep it looking good cause my baby daddy just made bail
he a thug he'll shoot today
new baby need new shoes today, child support check get 2 today

got the track yesterday girl did you get the glue today ( you know it)
gone beef it up, move tramp, it's the 15 i got my food stamps
got a brand new piercing, brand new tat, i paid 95 dollars for this weave plus tax BOW

bend that thang over while i smack my thong, no real hair this kangalong
thinking that you better than i am well then you thanking wrong
whatever she a lie, my number, boy bye what is wrong wit you

oh shh shh be quiet...
hayyy girl you look good turn around let me see who did yo sew in
oh oh ok we'll talk to you later


My name is Emanwella but my girlfriends call me carri
the club is free before 11 pre-game then we party
yes i am the baddest but you can't have this boo boo sorry

cuz 2-chainz is my future baby daddy MAURY!
got my jersey dress on, Jordan hells match my press on
pound team dark skin.. we don't like them red bones

duck lip in my pictures, new avi got glitter
hit me up on Facebook and follow me on twitter
I'm with team flip phone team Chris Brown

and if she don't shut it up then it's team shut it down
I'm with team bad chick, team with yo man
and if he gotta lot of money then it's team he paying

what you saying. i mean he might as well spend it on me
because you ain't looking like nothing, you ain't looking like nothing
what you gone do what you .. please please oh oh girl Oh My God

(what is wrong with her she so stank)


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