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Emma Liana lyrics : "I'm 13!"

I wake up today
A whole new girl
The clock has ticked

6 am
Looking out the window
The sun's comming up

I just wanna shout to the world
"Hey, look at me.
I'm 13!"

I pull on a pair of jeans
And a cute t-shirt

I wanna run out side
And sing
Good morning everyone

I'm going out for some
Fresh air
And to scream,

"look at me!
I'm 13"

I just can't believe
This day's finally come
I can do whatever I want

Yesterday I went to bed
Just a girl
But now I wake up

A teen
I just want to shout
To the world

"Hey, look at me!
I'm finally 13!"

People won't say to me anymore
"your just a kid."
There all gonna want me

To hang out with them because
Today, I'm 13! I'm Finally a teen!

Do you know how long
I've waited for today
All those years of

Neglection and pain
But now look at me
I'm now 13!

Now I can go where
Everyone goes

No more no's directed to me
Because this day
Is the day I'm 13!

Oh oh oh oh
Today she's finally 13

Today I'm finally 13
Oh I just can't believe it

Is it all a dream?

Nonono today you're 13

Look at me! I'm 13!

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