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Emery lyrics : "TEN TALENTS"

Last night I had a dream
That you decided to leave me
And no matter what I said

My persuasion fell upon your deaf ears

Don't leave me here alone

I'm not so good on my own
I'm not so good
I'm not so good on my own

Is it too late? Am I too gone?
Is there something I should know

Am I working for nothing?
Will there ever be anything to show

Is it true? I don't know what the storybooks have told
Though I wouldn't be so bold to say so
Will I do what I'm told? Will I play my hand or fold

Will I stand my ground and hold? I would like to think so

But if I just walked away

Would you still save me
Or would you take back all that you gave me

Is it too late? Am I too gone?
Is there something I should know
Are we working for nothing?

Is there anything to show for the service
Is it worthless? All the waiting is the hardest part

Come home my dear because I love you. I love you still

It's a slap in the face

When I feel my complacency grow
It's the thrill of the chase
When you catch it you just let it go

I take for granted the grace that is given me daily I know, oh

How can you say that you love me when all that I want

All that I want is your blessing and then I am gone
Nothing I do can make up for the things I have done, oh

Your love is all we need.
We're gonna make it
So let's close our eyes tonight and just believe

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