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Emery lyrics : "A Sin To Hold On To"

when i saw you walking by, i could not believe my eyes.
underneath the city lights, reflecting all your curves just right.
can i have your attention for a moment? i just need to say something.

if you've got the time, then i've got the reason for the sin.

have you been looking out? have you been watching my back?

my patience is running out and i can't seem to stay on the right track.
your wanting eyes keep me coming back for more and more each time.
let's get this right, cause there is no second chance after tonight.

i know you've got it in you, won't you let it out (let it out)?
dig a little deeper and i know you'll find strength inside.

if we could be the ones to hold on (to stay strong), then maybe we can make a difference in somebody's life (in somebody).

i won't be part of the riot. i won't be part of the revolution.

you think you're keeping us quiet. we're not the problem, but we are the solution.

let's get this right, cause there are no second chances.

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