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EMCEE MC lyrics : "Did Me Wrong"

This song is about

$#[email protected] it, you know who you are, mother $#[email protected]

You did me wrong,

(*##$, You hurt me for so long
(*##$, And now that I'm gone
I've been $#[email protected] up by you

And I want to live without you
[End chorus]

Slit my throat
Make me bleed some more
You coulda done this, but no

You got rid of me
I'm like ok
But someone else had already taken my place

You $#[email protected] attacked me in my face
Think you can do it? Make my day.
Go ahead. Spray me with bear mace.

No, I don't give a $#[email protected] what you think or say
Maybe see how to you this tastes
No I am sober

Bet you can't wait till this is over
No it's never over!
(*##$, ima be on you till it hurts like you did me

(*##$ you $#[email protected] with me
If you never lied
I coulda been all right


You think this is some kinda game?
No (*##$ it's not the same!
You had me stuck in the way

Of believing everything you'd say
You $#[email protected] with me
Just to leave with that SOB

Well I don't give a $#[email protected] bout you anymore
You are the last thing I want
All feelings and emotions are gone

Get $#[email protected] Quintin outta my face
I don't give a $#[email protected] what you two do every day
Get $#[email protected] outta my way

You're a hazard to everything I do
So long (*##$, I wanna live in a world without you
And get ridda $#[email protected] Quintin too.

[Chorus x2]

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