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Emanuel : Breathe Underwater lyrics

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Emanuel lyrics : "Breathe Underwater"

Look in the mirror,
What are you searching for?
To dissappear or,

Our lives to their ends.
I came to and found myself behind the wheel.

Pilot and artifical flight.
We sigh and sink into the river bed,
Stay asleep.

My friends can't breathe underwater i guess,
They have weak lungs.
Black cuts herself so that you could fall in,

This is heaven.
Alone in her dark room,
I slip through the open door.

Pull off my wet clothes,
To climb inside...
Her life,

Is still warm.
Ive got my finger on the trigger oh,
Heartbeats are effervescent life,

We sigh and sink into the river bed,
Stay asleep.
They only stab me in the back now anyway.

Ill put you out of your cell and your misery.
I'm gonna tear,
I'm gonna rip it out.

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