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EMAAN lyrics : "Times up"


I keep struggling to keep my eyes shut, i promise that ill never give this moment up.

You held me together for sooo long, uhhh
but its slowly starting to seem like times up!

Verse 1

We both went through this about the same year

But seeing u smile through it helped quiet my fears
Ur positivity always made the sun shine
i knew together, we could make each other climb.

if u didnt feel pain , $#[email protected] it neither would I
if you would laugh through this id wipe tears from my eyes
without knowing it , you had an impact on my life

But hearing about this nightmare cut my heart like a knife
knowing the cold truth is ripping my heart
its not yet time, hapiness was about to start

whys it seem like you started at the finish line
if you dont make it , ill bleed for more then a lifetime


Verse 2

Can you please let me ask you just once, Why?
How come you gotta leave me and vanish in the night
I know why they say lifes unfair, but trust me im not gonna give u up without a fight

we've been together through way too much
for you to give up now and leave me out of touch
It makes sense how its reality and people come and go

but why does my family keep having to go?
It feels like its gonna be a cold $$# winter
this isnt a game , in life there aint no winners

nothing left to do but hope and pray
all i can do now is hope you wont go away!

Verse 3
Im trapped in this room with just a memory

thinking about a certain moment that u shared with me
im smiling at ur pictures but i cant stop crying
keep looking at the sky asking why ur dieing

no matter what i ask , still no answer
if ur really up there plz cure his cancer
I dont want to see ur body laying by a star

how come we both had to go through something so harsh?
This hurts but this doesnt just effect me
this type of %#@! will impact our whole family

2 young kids, you needa watch them grow
so the 2 innocent boys smiles can show

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