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EMAAN lyrics : "Beyond this"


Not gonna lie, Yeh i still miss u

U crumpled my heart, wiped it like a tissue
Alot of the time i still think about
remember the time , u told me ur heart was crowded.

trust me , my heart pumped the loudest
I cut u out a piece, $#[email protected] i hope u drownd it.
we had a good thing ,whyd u have to ruin it?

managed to kick me when i was down..
I hope u realize that i dont need u
Jumping over waves as if some kinda skeedoo

Yeh im cashing out, i hope u check that.
n my hearts healing, i just baught a health pack
First found out i needed help hiding.

now look at me, im top of the world gliding
eventually i knew i'd get beyond this.
it just kills because hearts were held hostage.

Verse 2

I wana thank u, u helped find me
I hate u (*##$ but wait that reminds me
i keep thinking of the time that u drove me.

mmmhm , drove me fkn crazy
crazy, and still hearts doing slavery
but hey maybe u did finally change me.

sick of tests, u always had to grade me.
oh yah that moment got me thinkin.
u were see through but now started sinking

built a shield, ur never allowed in
looks like my heart will always stay clouded
lost myself but uhh now i found it

straight to the top im trippin on power
nothing can stop me now like tony montana
feels awesome now my souls free

and thats the way that its supposed to be.

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