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EMA lyrics : "3Jane"

I can't believe all they say
It doesn't seem like it was only yesterday
When you wonder, I run

So could how we??
There should be a LOVE
when they can't take pretty eyes of you of you of you of youu

Feel like I glued soul out across the winter and screamed
It was a million pieces
A silver, watched glim

And I left also being sad of me
And now I came terrified that I will never get you back to me,
to me to me to meeee

I guess it's just a modern daisy

I can't stress out and

I just wanna get high
It's 'cause I seen my face and I,
I don't recognize the PERSON that I feel inside inside

Came to America and seen super power
Turn on the spotlight that nobody ??
I don't want to sell you anything

I don't want to put myself and turn it into a refrain refrain
It's all just a big appetizer campaign
Everybody's looking at some poster of 3JANE

But this dissociation
I guess this is just the modern daisy

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa