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Elzhi : Verbal Intercourse pt2 lyrics

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Elzhi lyrics : "Verbal Intercourse pt2"

This goes out to everybody that's trying to get on
Think they're gonna get rich

Take notes, yo

Through the lights, camera and action

Glamour, glitters and gold
Here's a warning to anybody that considers this road
Of riches, filled with jewelry, cars and thirsty (*##$es

Crooked contracts, the close friend who switches
Or bore you when things go sour
Around y'all

It's called a downfall 'cause it brings more showers
But don't forget the rain in the spring grows flowers
And causes you to rise where a king shows power

And it's not easy
You got a measly one shot
To be hot up in the game

But over time it got sleazy
Major labels wanna judge you off your last record
Then design something you can sign, to $#&@ your $$# naked

That can turn your 15 minutes into last seconds

Take it from somebody with a past, check it, it's mine
I was in a group around '99
A rapper since eight, thought it was great

To be finally signed
But little did I know I made a huge mistake
I found out the label and the manager was fake

And the person that betrayed me the most was my partner
Though all three would be the reason for my departure
I'm thinking to myself

"How you let the mouse march ya?"
Nobody warned me like I'm warning you
Happy, aren't ya?

But imma show'em
That it was nice to know'em
Or maybe I should hoe them

And throw them in my poem
'cause they think that I'm below them
Just wait until my %#@! drop

'cause I got a drive that won't slow down for pit stops
And this goes out to my aspiring artists
With the fire in their eyes

To reach higher and farther in the skies
May every move you make be wise
And may every mistake

You can take and reprise
You only get one shot
It's not like you get three tries

To rise like G5s
and I'm out...

This is how it goes, yo
Read between the lines

Make sure your paperwork's straight, get your attorneys
You don't wanna be like me, though
Sign a bull%#@! contract

$#&@ that
Get your own
For all my aspiring artists out there

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