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Elzhi : The World Is Yours lyrics

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Elzhi lyrics : "The World Is Yours"

I'm going Rambo, fan dough is moving pretty damn slow
The blam blam turned the Trans-am into a Lambo

Scram yo, my Soul Calibur is like Namco
I dance on track but these ^!$$%s is Sambo
Get your %#@! split you nitwit

Your #~!!@ is a slick !@$%
When labels dick you they make the %#@! fit
Command this skill invincible like the Man of Steel

My killer's got your gorilla slippin' on banana peels
I'm extraordinary, I know your ex, shorty
Ex'd you with the head, but the sex ordinary

Check the technician, neck glisten
I'm on to catch wreck mission
To rock, you shocked like the electrician

My gift's top edition with swift composition
I debted competitor until they stiff competition
My level, something you peep from a height to view

When I spit fire from the grill like I'm lighter fluid
I'm just the best at it, chronically cess addict
My ironic lead got me movin' at bionic speed

I write the kilo rhymes rough as the gorilla palms
In iller times with more slang than dope dealer's dime
My chick's a dickey, I tell a micky no peeky

Before a quicky, I slip it in like a micky

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