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Elzhi : Talking In My Sleep lyrics

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Elzhi lyrics : "Talking In My Sleep"

[Intro: Elzhi - talking]
Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh
Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh

Yeah, yeah (yeah, yeah...)
Raw %#@! ^!$$% (raw %#@! ^!$$%...)
Yeah (yeah...)

Check it, y'all

[Verse 1: Elzhi]

Could it be a dream? I'm finally rich in wealth
I'm not convinced, let me pinch myself
Was my mother even sick in health?

Then why ain't she there? We conversatin or I'm just lyin in bed
Gee I know I'm not high and my eyes isn't red
But I just saw the walls divide on all sides of the edge

It flips over, now I'm in a barber's chair
With the clips closer to the God but it's sharp enough to part my hair
I couldn't make out the customers' faces

That was once in the place, who was with somethin in patience
Then I'm cut with this razor, I feel blood when [gun shots]
My barber just was shot, the clip was dropped while they was still buzzin

I got to hittin the floor
But it was weird, it disappeared and it just was here a minute ago
I'm glidin in air

Flew through a cloud, while I was in it, saw the image of a man that was tied to the chair
My hand's on a nine
I blink once, my gun in his palm, I'm in disbelief 'cause it vanished from mine

I'm shot, is this heaven, did I come in the gates?
Did I have this uncomfortable fate from somethin I ate?
Great, I got to use it or is it just in my head

If I unzip and pull it out, am I goin to piss in the bed
And cover? What the, somethin ripped the back on my collar
And snatched me out of one dream and into another

I fell back with my pants unbuttoned
Okay, I'm drug in a fight, I'm alright long as my hands can touch him
I swung the right but the left is a charm

They were both flowin in slow motion, I must have slept on my arms
I got knocked into the next scene
This queen peckin my neck, I got wet jeans, I must've had a sex dream

(sex, dream, sex dream, sex dream)

[Chorus x2: scratches]

"Dreamin! "
"Wake up! "
"You can't awake me"

"Some nights I wake up out my sleep blastin"

[Verse 2: Elzhi]

Yeah, this %#@!'s got me doin real thinkin
I heard a phone [phone rings], I put my hands on it, answered it, it's still ringin
And as I missed the call, smoke came, with the mist and all

I saw a smaller version of me in a crystal ball
Now was I runnin or in a race I asked
'Cause that ^!$$% chasin is lookin like Jason with his face in a mask

It wasn't boys off the block that make the bullets go bustin, it's worse
I hear a buzzin noise he pullin on somethin, he'll never gain naw [chainsaw revving]
Him walkin slow is his main flaw, he's tryin to draw stains to his chainsaw (to his chainsaw)

I turned around he started gettin violent
I yelled "oh %#@!! ", it came out quiet
Then everything became silent... where he go? (where he go?)

I saw a room and I ran through it, the opposite of very slow
Locked the door to the room that I was stoppin inside
It was my pops but his %#@! was on the opposite side

Hmm, if that's true, let me think of where my gats is
I got one in the couch, the other's under my mattress
I thought "okay

All I got to do is go in the room reach for my bed, pull out and blow away"
And so I did but the plan failed
The nine that my hand held was locked, so your man bailed

Now, the downstairs looked like upstairs
And upstairs looked like downstairs
I hit the steps, looked around, where is he at?

My hand's in the couch
A door flung open, it's him, I stand from a crouch
I pulled a heater out between the two pillows

Then I thought of, pullin the trigger, didn't figure that it'd shoot water
I dropped the gun, then headed back up the downstairs
Charged with my head "boom! ", I opened up the bedroom
Stumbled to the floor, then I saw the four four
Gripped it, clipped it, ready to bust somethin cryptic

That's when my body lifted
And landed on the bed, I tossed and turned and shifted
Into a different position and crepepin up the stairs as I listen
That's cool, I got a tool full of ammunition
And as he comin up, I see his feet

From his legs to his head, I'm on a sheet, with my heat
I got to be asleep to see this creep
Wish my alarm beep, I pray to Lord my soul to keep
Now he standin over my bed and breathin hard
Can't let him do it, if I wake up, I'm not leavin scarred

Took the heater I was holdin just to make a bullet leap
Point it at his head, squeezed, it sounded like "beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep"

Yeah, yeah
No doubt, ha

[Outro: scratches]
"Wake up!, Dammit! God dammit! "
"Oh, I know it's hot" (oh, I know it's hot)
"Yo, eyes are burnin" (yo, eyes are burnin)
"Slowly openin" (slowly openin)

"Wake up! "
"Slowly realizin that this wasn't no dream"
(slowly realizin that this wasn't no dream)
"No, this is your life" (no, this is your life)
"Wake up! "

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