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Elzhi : Deep (Sourface Remix) lyrics

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Elzhi lyrics : "Deep (Sourface Remix)"

I'm the bell ringer, shell slinger
Hidin' bodies 'til the smell lingers

Until they pale as Renée Zellweger, when El sting ya
You feelin' like the braille finger, searchin' for the line
I'm first you stuck in last, rappers now suckin' $$#

Full of new school ^!$$%s I wouldn't $#&@in' pass
They should flunk your class and dip low
They tiptoe and eves drop with both sleeves popped

Now please stop, you'll melt faster than a freeze pop
In a hundred degrees El's sunning MC's he pops
You better put that work in

I murk grins and kill grills, my steel peels
Then I peel wheels then skill feels like it heals ills
Like Benadryl pills, the hottest artist will feels chills

When I drop gems that play out like fans when you peep
These rhymes ain't cheap, oh yeah I gets deep

I'm a thoroughbred
Never sleep I find a way to eat

To all my Detroit ^!$$%s that be tryna eat
It's your boy Elzhi, my science is deep

[Verse 2]
Yeah I gets deeper than that
Once I blow your mind your not keeping your hat

I bomb the scene, killin' off your rhyme regime
You taken back like a time machine, my dime is clean
My flow is hydro, cannabis, Sativa

Also known as Chronic weed and again this reefer
Watch it blow, my nuts hang a couple of crotches low
And $#&@ fifteen minutes ^!$$% my watch is slow

You need to cease to bragging
You see the fire that I spit when I unleash the dragon
The ruler is back, we battle your medulla is cracked

We do it online you find that yo computer is hacked
It's your decision what my brain stores division
I'm seein' bars come together like doors in prison

When I spit that line, you can keep in your mind
When they creep, I do this in my sleep, oh yeah I gets deep


[Verse 3]

Listen, I blow trees with the Buddha man squeeze with the war lord
Your floored hot stay on point like a scoreboard
I come hard the way a chick pull a !@$%

I know you $$#holes pissin' all you dicks full of %#@!
Gets your dogs muzzled, I'm drunk off the power I guzzle
Break men into pieces leave 'em puzzled

Clips I pack 'em in like sardines, flippin' on ^!$$%s
Like Megatron in they hands on Starscream
And this year y'all are gona have to give it the $#&@ up

If not I'm takin' it, however you make of it
I stack cake a bit, I should wear a bakers mitt
And put cheese down on the whip like it was quaker grits

Oh little mommy how she shakes her tits
Work the pole and make it twerk and roll
I know it urk you whole that I could jerk your soul

In your sleep, you meet the Grim Reap, oh yeah I gets deep

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