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Elzhi : Blue Widow lyrics

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Elzhi lyrics : "Blue Widow"

I blow a .. listen in the instrumental
And a five star suit with payphone incidentals
I've been out of cause that, you'll convince us?

Always happening for a reason, there's no coincidentals
I'm honestly the best
Anyone in your dynasty could test if you chew

Like piranhas eat the flesh
Pretend that I'm in effect coming off like a tin head
Soon as I lay a?

..bang bang to all my foes even froze off the?
My flows, keep ^!$$%s off their toes like red tanks
You're ? runners, I erase them like old numbers in the celly

I push ? on go?
Get bread and get from the?
Like you was cold?

The devil trying to take our soul that we hold from us
It's a gamble, but still I chose to roll the dice
Cause my cold world if it's like hell frozen over twice

I came from the bottom just to speed it from the top
But the? sicker than the clinic with the pots
and the mobs and the measures, throw pumps at the?

Blowing trees stops at the ..
I wanna talk to you here again, again, again
Set the track in the flame

Back in the game, packing the same
Two guns that I stop to with accurate aims
Since we only got one shot to blow

I'm not missing, next ? we got, we'll cut fishing
!@^%s this is? pissing
Till I spot? switching the story like what a plot twisting

They know about, how I light them out and blow them out
Like a? getting Lewinsky.
You know ? I cause a frenzy as long as the world spins me around

You dumb fowl, all of his.. and thumbs down
I wanna talk to you here again, again, again

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