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ELVIS GOMES lyrics : "Get Out Of My Head"

Don't know
Why I

Can't let you go
I wanna know
How I

Can forget you once for all

It seems unforgettable

I tried almost everything
How can I turn it erasable
'Cause I must pass to another thing

Oh baby


So please, get out of my head
It's been so long that I'm under your spell
So I'm begging you please get out of my head

I need to go on, if I don't I'll become mad


didn't know
What you
Ever wanted from my own

You, you, and again you
Always you
It'd be insane to

Convince myself that I hate you

Your kisses are haunting my dreams

The way you touched me too
I'm recalling all these memories
Even though I know that I shouldn't do it



Imagine how it is to
Imagine how it is to love

someone, someone
Having endless and repeated thoughts
Generating a lot of pain

Suffocating pain
And my heart
Is losing all its blood

It's flowing out until the last drop
Oh Cupid pull your arrow out of my chest
I need to breathe

Oh baby so please...

Keep bleeding, keep, keep bleeding love


Never will be
That's for sure
Cause I will lock my door

Is the last one
The last song, the last thought about you...

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