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Elvin Bishop lyrics : "Sure Feels Good"

I never seen such a beautiful day
Looked like everything is coming my way
Feel like a bird just leaving a cage

Looks like my luck is
Getting ready to change

Sure feels good feeling good again
Sure feels good feeling good

Feels good again

The sun just came out

From behind a cloud
Now I feel like shouting out loud
Hallelujah, let the sun shine in

(Hallelujah) I'm feeling alright again


(Feels so good, feels so good)

I wore out nine pairs of shoes
Walking this old floor
Never sang nothing but the blues

Now I'm singing me a brand new song
Standing in a new pair of shoes


(Sure feels good feeling)

Good ain't the word for it
(Sure feels good feeling)
Good, it's good, good, good

(Sure feels good feeling)...

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa