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Eluveitie : Uxellodunon lyrics

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Eluveitie lyrics : "Uxellodunon"

This is the final resistancel
This was the final revolti

In desperace hope
With tear-dimmed eyes
With wrath-torn minds

We took up arms one more time


Oh the last stand
The freedom manifesto

We will nerver forget
The things we've seen
The deaths we died

The tears we cried
We will never regret
We defied

We will raise our arm stubs in pride
We will never perish

Our cut off hands
Proclaimed grandeur
Land can be taken but

Dignity's impregnable


Fortress of free men
Shining beacon of indomitability

Bearing witness of freedom
Bearing witness of our names,
Cause we will never...

Out from the ashes
Out from the graves

The offspring of antumnos
Will arise to life again

Oh the last stand the freedom manifesto

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