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Eluveitie lyrics : "Santonian Shores"

We packed the wagons a'thing arranged,
There is no turning back

The time has come all to soon
A stab allthrouch my heart

The afterglow
Glimmereo on the roof of our homestead
We bode the nightfall at hand

Believe set out into the dark

In this night the fires roared

As fields were set ablaze
It rained ash from the sky
In a flaring hiss at night

Fromward the land we knew
Off to far and distant shores

To wards a safe haven
Off to these santonian shores

At the set of the sun
As mist billowed over the land
We got under way

Wandering towards our hopes

I bode awhile and looked back

Gazed into the sea of flames
Laying waste what we called home
I won't see this place again

A cortege as far as the eye can see
A vast migrant parade.

The glow of a distant dream
The awakening came nigh
Under a starlit sky.

Dreams within our hearts
Step by step we marched
Away into the night.

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