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Eluveitie lyrics : "Everything Remains As It Never Was"

Who will measure the dimensions of antumnos?
Who can tell the gauge of it's veil?
Who can manifest the size of it's maw?

And infer the value of it's stones?

Yet the glowing wick will not be quenched

The sown fire will never die

What is

What ever was
What ever is to come
What would

What ever should
It will remain as it never was

Eternity's past was repeated in time
The eternal knot will be unbroken
Whence comes the motion in this picture?

Where does the moment go when it steals away?
Who will pen the pages of the time?
Who will be the audience when the curtains rises?

Where do we go. question mark.
What have we become. question mark.

Whither went what was. question mark.
Shall there ever be dawn. question mark.
Did we ever change?

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