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ELSA'S REPLY lyrics : "I Wish We Could Build A Snowman"

I would love to build a snowman
How I wish that we could play

Believe me it's safer this way
I'm sorry sis
But I can't come out

We used to be best buddies
Of course we're still best buddies
Don't say we aren't

I wish I could tell you why
I love you so much Anna
And I didn't mean to hurt you

Come back Anna....
I would love to build a snowman
Even be weird together

I know some company is overdue
Trust me I don't want to end up hurting you
You're just outside my door

But I'm so alone
Snow here, snow there, snow everywhere!
Anna, dear

I know you're there sis
I've been dying to give you a hug
I'm isolated

And it's killing me
Wish I was there for you
But I'm frozen...

I'm sorry I can't leave
Though it's only us
What can I possibly do...?

I wish we could build a snowman...

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