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ELLIOTT YAMIN lyrics : "Cold Heart"

Oh girl why you wanna play with my emotions
Causing a commotion
I think about you all of the time

You know it's vicious
Looking so delicious
Then you tell me he's suspicious

So I got to get you off of my mind
Don't try to cry to me, girl
I tried to tell you before

You made your bed and now you're gonna have to lie in it
I like the way that you move
But I've got to watch what I do

If I ain't careful, I might be the one who's playing the fool


(Baby) You got a cold, cold heart
But a, a warm touch

Always gets you what you wanted
I just can't get enough of this kind of dangerous love
I'll keep your number but I know

You got a cold, cold heart

(Cold heart 3x)

Girl, you got a cold, cold heart

You tell me that you wanna be my baby
Heaven help me coz I love to have you every night
But I would be crazy calling you my lady

When I see your love is shady
And I know I'd be the next one in line

(repeat refrain 2x)

Girl, it's a shame

Your love is a game
But I can see right through your disguise

You can never be mine, oh mine, oh mine, yeah
Ohohoh, all mine baby
You can never be mine

(Cold heart) Cold heart
(Cold heart) Cold, cold heart
(Cold heart)

Girl, you got a cold, cold heart

(repeat refrain)

(Cold heart) oh yeah
(Cold heart, cold heart)

Girl, you're so cold in your heart
I know you got a cold, cold heart
Yes, you do

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